Our Partners





Our partners span from different service providers within and across South Africa. But every business needs qualified, experienced and certified service providers. We at Prodinet understands the importance of business processes and our main aim is to integrate business processes with digital transformation. In doing so, the digital disruptions in the market will enable organizations to remain competitive, flexible and stable. Because when you develop a business goal, you will need to align such with IT so that the objectives to make more revenue, produce a more robust & conducive work environment are met.

In partnership with Citrix & Microsoft, we are able to provide excellent services to our customers.We ensure that business ability to scale up or down is supported and managed easily. Prodinet choose the right service providers in order to ensure that your daily tasks are completed without hiccups.

Our Specialty

Cloud                                                                                                             IT Security

SaaS, Software As A Service                                                                     IT Consolidation

DaaS, Desktop As A Service                                                                      IT Support