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You would agree with me that somewhere,somehow – you and I have lost DATA. Data could be lost by means deletion or corruption due to various reasons. And some of the reasons are not limited to:

  • Virus Attacks
  • Windows crash
  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatting of hard disk
  • Corrupt of windows file system and more.

Let us demonstrate each step to recover deleted or lost items from USB. The same steps are applicable if you are recovering from any external or internal devices. Please note that the device must be readable.

Step 1. Select Recovery Mode (Quick, Deep & File Trace)

The Quick mode is used to recover mostly recent deleted or lost files – quick to scan & recover

The Deep will do more search for data you are unable to recover from quick mode – slightly takes long

The file trace will do in-depth scan for old lost or deleted files – it take much longer

Step 1

Recover deleted or lost items step 1.

Step 2. Select Drive to recover

You will have to select which external or internal drive to scan for recovery

Select drive to recover

Select drive to recover.

Step 3. Click next to Scan

Clicking next will start the scan process. The amount of time will depend on the size of data to be retrieved. So make a cup of coffee while your device is scanned for recovery.

Select to Scan

Select to Scan

Step 4. Select files to Recover

As you can see below, the folder named “Tender” was recently deleted from USB and has been recovered. The “red” colour indicator shows it was recently deleted however you can select all applicable files to start recovery.

Select files to Recover

Select files to Recover

Step 5. Save recovered files

The file recovery process will be completed whether lost or deleted or even corrupt. Choose where you would like to save the recovered data and finish.

Save Recovered Items

Save recovered items

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