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File Storage

Secure access to data on premise, in the cloud or hybrid within inside and outside the office. Work, share,sync and automate workflow with ease. Simply go paperless!


IT Consolidation simplifies IT, improves user experience and centralize SaaS, DaaS, apps and data across different platforms. Support cloud,on-premise or hybrid.

For every growing business, simplifying IT is very important in order to quickly deliver services to users. For mergers & acquisition as well as globalization.

Despite an ever-evolving threat landscape, Citrix Web App Firewall delivers comprehensive protection without degrading throughput or application response times. Available as a cloud solution or integrated within the Citrix ADC platform, simplified configuration controls further mitigate risk.

Intelligent Traffic Management

Whether you host your applications and content on premises, in the cloud or in content delivery networks (CDNs), Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management allows you to globally load balance all traffic, dynamically optimizing the user experience and lowering service costs.

Secure Web Gateway

While encryption protects the privacy and integrity of data, it also creates blind spots that attackers can exploit to evade security controls. Over half of all internet traffic today is encrypted, which creates a rather large gap, exposing you to increased vulnerability and risk.

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About Prodinet

About Prodinet – Technology evolves along with time. Businesses are looking for a better way to work smarter and faster. But they also want to remain competitive. This will promote good customer relationship and experience.

Prodinet IT Solutions was founded in 2008. Our passion for solving problems using technology along with analytics, is how it all started. Ultimately, we were looking for a better way to understand how our customers’ organisations operate based on goals, targets, user experience, mobility, challenges and objectives. Once we identify and engage with all the business drivers and stakeholders, then we are able to incorporate our business solutions using our technological expertise in line with organisation’s processes to improve workforce, productivity, increase revenue and reduce risk.

We are Level 2 BEE Contributor and majority black female ownership. All our practitioners carry a wealth of expertise.They are certified in business and analytics as well as IT management. Our partnership with Citrix and Microsoft enable us to offer a wide range of  ICT solutions. These solutions range from IT Security, IT Consolidation, Connectivity & Networking.

As Digital disruption evolves, we pride ourselves in offering businesses maximum flexibility and control over their infrastructure whether in the public or private cloud or even on-premise without compromising security. We believe that quality of service can and should be different. Through partnership with our customer’s in-house IT group or outsourcing, we are able to bring our team of expertise to guide and provide assistance with a given requirements.

We understand the power of business processes. However when aligned with people and technology, it results in productivity. Empowering SMMEs to remain highly competitive, agile and maximize profits. We cater specifically to small to medium sized companies. We are proud to be ranked the highest network service provider in terms of customer satisfaction by our numerous customers.

Through our Focused Areas, which cover all ICT related fields, we collaborate with you. Whether on-premise or through our comprehensive partner service offering so to simplify your IT strategy, assist with governance and compliance concerns. But Prodinet strive to deliver specialist IT Services that will meet your IT objectives efficiently, improve profitability and exceed your business requirements. To inspire our employees to be the best they can be by attaining new skills and developing them and trusting in one another’s capabilities, specialties and expertise.

What makes us different?

  • We are certified, experienced and  reliable.
  • Specialize in customizing solutions in line with our customers’ internal and external business processes.
  • We thrive to provide quality of service and good customer relationship.
  •  Putting our customers first and good practice advisory.
  •  Partnering with ICT giants in addressing customer requirements.
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