By 2025, Gartner estimates that over 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from 30% in 2021.

Why Cloud?

* Cost savings
* Workload performance
* Resource scalability
* Operational flexibility
* Resilience

Moving workloads to the cloud?

Planning new cloud platform?


The biggest advantage of on-premise infrastructure is that businesses have complete control over their critical business data and are also fully in control of what happens to it, for better or worse.

Challenges of on-premise infrastructure?

* Infrastructure management
* Competent & qualified engineers
* Reliable service provider
* Cost management

We provide Ad-Hoc and SLA packages to all our customers. Our team of experts who are qualified as well as experienced would help to design, implement and manage your infrastructure both old and new.


Data comes in different forms - email, databases, files and storage.

Furthermore, they are the functional core of every business which means that when they fail; the business is affected with downtime or even loss of data.

Therefore, we provide the following in helping your business remain in control of your data.

* Data Migration Tools
* Data Recovery Tools
* SMTP Credentials
* API Tools

Solutions are available on once-off purchase or rental for ad-hoc technical tasks.


Dedicated internet specifically for a business or data centers are critical in running your business applications and more. Our 1:1 ratio ensures that your connectivity is solid even during the event of downtime, we provide redundancy for business continuity.

Different options available:

* Dedicated Fibre
* Wireless Business Fibre
* VPN Solutions

Speak to one of our consultants today for coverage assessment at remote locations and vice versa.

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We have the experience to transform and innovate your organization, no matter which industry you are in. Our core areas of specialization enable us to provide guidance towards digital transformation.

Cloud Solutions

Virtual Servers in the Cloud

Networking and Content Delivery

Scalable Storage in the Cloud

Load Balancers

Virtual Private Cloud

Auto Scaling Solutions

Connectivity Solutions

Dedicated Fibre for Business

Wireless Business Fibre

Secured VPN Solutions

On-Premise Solutions

IT Outsourcing
Infrastructure Management
IT Support

Software Solutions

Data Recovery Tools
Migration Tools

IT Services Simplified.
Qualified & Reliable Services Provider.

We provide On-premise, Cloud & IT Outsourcing solutions for SMMEs across different sectors. Get a Quote. Free IT Assessment. Affordable IT Solutions. Minimize IT Downtime.

Our Vision

A Team That Loves to Create

We strive to gain mastery over business digital transformation challenges through our specialty and knowledgeable compass of using sophisticated instruments in realizing technology goals across different sectors.

Establishing solid engagements with our partners to demonstrate output through a tested proof of concept methodology. 

To envision the success of our customers in the world of fourth industrial revolution.


Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started!

Our Mission

We Keep It Simple

We are technology, technology is us

Cloud practitioners with wealth of experiences in helping small, medium and large enterprises transform through their digital journey. 

Trusted and qualified solution architects.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work! 


Our range of projects from design to implementation phase speaks volume based on excellent deliverables across all spectrums. We are rated number 1 by Snupit on the basis of great customers satisfaction.


Our team of qualified & experienced experts in business processes, design, implementation and management are on standby to engage with you. They bring a wealth of specialized skills in different fields – Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Advisory and many more.

Ruvais. P  / Logistics Lead

Ruvais is the head of logistics service line delivery excellence within the organization.

Mohamed Asif / Technical Lead

Mohamed Asif is the head of technical lead service line with more than 15 years’ experience.

Jinu George / Escalation Matrix

Jinu George is the head of service delivery excellence group.

Noel Okoloji  / IT Manager

More than 15 years experience within the IT sector as part of technical lead and business development.


We strive to satisfy our customers requirement through service excellence. Therefore, we implore you to join our happy clients across different sectors to form an engagement with us in discussing your project requirement or Ad-Hoc services.

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We presently remote work with presence at National Level.

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