Network Solutions

IT management and support help businesses to function more effectively with minimal downtime, lower operational cost and increased agility.

We are well positioned at the center of complete network management of solutions –

Cloud Hosted Solutions

On-Premise Hosted Solutions

Network Management & Virtualization 

These solutions that can be deployed on premises or on any public cloud, such as Azure, Google, AWS or Google Cloud Platform even both (hybrid). Most organizations are moving some workloads to the cloud and several SaaS applications.

The management of these applications, data and overall require a more effective solution to maintain a more high available user environment.

Across the globe, users require reliable access regardless of their location in order to increase workforce and improve productivity. IT on the other hand require ways to improve visibility, performance and security with less complex systems in place.

Prodinet tailors network solutions to meet the demands and goals of different organizations with great user experience as well as maximum customer satisfaction.

Application Delivery Controller

Application Delivery Controller

Business agility is the ability of any business to be able to scale up or down in utilization. In this way, most businesses are able to pay for the services used and to downsize capacity when required.

Application Delivery Controller and Load Balancing solution from Citrix known as Citrix ADC provides a high-quality user experience for your web, traditional, and cloud-native applications regardless of where they are hosted. The flexibility of using any form factor or deployment options without locking into a single cloud vendor. ADC can be deployed in the cloud or on premise with any vendor.

Why Use Application Delivery Controller?

100% Uptime for your critical services and application delivery

Protect APIs and applications

User experience optimization across the internet

Simplify transition to cloud and delivery micro-service applications

Network Gateway

Secure Gateway for SSO

As user access to SaaS and apps increase, multiple platform logins as well as security breaches could arise. In addition, the need for users to access their apps and data also increases daily as they travel from one place to another for different business engagements. 

We use Citrix Gateway to provides users with secure access and single sign-on to all the virtual, SaaS and web applications they need to be productive  The gateway is a customer-managed solution that can be deployed on premises or on any public cloud, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

Benefits Citrix Gateway and Access Control

Provision of single sign-on across web,cloud,VDI, SaaS & applications

Consolidate multiple remotes access by eliminating multiple point solutions, saving money and maintenance time

Provides IP and domain-based split tunneling

Enable access to VDI


Software-Defined WAN

Businesses need a network that can keep up with the pace of digital – one that delivers the best user experience for the applications central to innovation and growth. Citrix SD-WAN solution delivers flexible, automated, secure connectivity and performance that keeps the workspace always-on. 

Features of SD-WAN
  • Unparalleled experience for SaaS, cloud, and virtual applications
  • Choice of deployment options with automated connectivity to the cloud
  • Integrated visibility and control over all aspects of the WAN
  • Premium, enterprise-grade connectivity to thousands of SaaS applications, and over 150 cloud and internet exchanges with Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct service

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