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 In today’s manufacturing, IT leaders are expected to support innovative and strategic business initiatives like service delivery to globally distributed facilities or reducing plant downtime. However, most of the resources are spent in implementing, updating and supporting core and legacy systems and expensive high-end workstations. We use Citrix for manufacturing to enable IT leaders to utilize technologies such as cloud computing and desktop virtualization to centralize and streamline IT operations and infrastructure. In doing so,manufacturing experience reduced overhead and increased efficiency needed to cut manufacturing plant downtime, meet production schedules, enable workforce mobility and quickly scale to changing business cycles.

Protect corporate data, Enable mobilization to increase productivity & Enhance user experience.

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Share and view data fast with secure file sharing for insurance companies. We deliver customizable and secure file sharing and storage that integrates with the tools insurance companies and firms of all sizes use every day. From compliance support to client collaboration, ShareFile can help you secure and connect all your content.

Insurance deals with confidential information and have high demand to access information as quick as possible from anywhere without compromising security, here is how:

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Microsoft Outlook Plugin

Encrypt emails, and send or request insurance files securely from your inbox.

ShareFile Mobile Apps

Access, share, edit and store files anytime, anywhere, from iOS, Android etc.

ShareFile Sync

Sync insurance files from your desktop to keep your information up to date across all devices.

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